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2011 Pinto Softball Tournament Rules


General Regulations:

- All rules not discussed will follow the PONY Pinto regulations.

- Participants must be at least 7 years of age on January 1st of current year and not over 8 years of age on January 1st of current year.

- 11 inch ball, no little league or t-ball bats allowed, pitchers mound 35 feet and bases 50 feet with hash marks 12 distance between.

- Games will be 6 innings, 5 innings will complete a game if called for rain (no inning can start after 2 hours of play and the score reverts back to the score at the end of the last full inning)

- Mercy rule in effect; 15 runs after 4 innings and 10 runs after 5 innings

- Home team is determined with coin toss before the game with a representative from

each team

- Substitutions; players taken out of the lineup may reenter 1 time (to the same space in the batting lineup)

- No coaches on the playing field to aid defense, may stand in foul territory around your own dugout but cannot interfere with play

- If only 8 players, then an out will count for the 9th position, no catcher will be used, less than 8 players results in forfeit

- NO SELECT TEAMS ALLOWED (must be 1 town traveling/all star team)

- Only players on the original roster are eligible



-pitching will be done by designated coach from 35 feet

-Must be in contact with pitching rubber during delivery of each pitch

-3 strikes or 6 pitches per batter, foul on last pitch at bat continues (see batting)

-Coach/pitcher hit by batted ball is a dead ball and no pitch counted and runners cannot advance

-Interference or intentional contact with player/pitcher or batted ball results in batter being out and all runners back to previous base with coach being warned and removed with second incidence

-Player /pitcher must have 1 foot within pitching circle and be behind the rubber when pitch is made



-9 position players in the field (true positions and must include pitcher and catcher)

-Play is stopped (runners cannot advance) when ball is within the circle or when an infielder has thrown the ball to the pitcher or coach within the circle.  Outfielder throwing to pitcher or coach does not stop play.

-Runners past the hash marks when infielder gains control can advance and a play can be made on them.  Runners must maintain forward running motion in order to advance to the next base once they pass the hash mark.  Ex:  Cannot run to the hash mark, put one foot over it, stop, and then advance on the throw to the pitcher because foot was over has mark when play stopped.


-Runners not past the hash marks may continue to the next base at their own risk, (they can be tagged out), if they reach safely and play was stopped then they must return to previous base

-Overthrows to bases (from any position) result in + 1 base per overthrow, throwing to coach/pitcher is not an overthrow, running is at your own risk, play can be made on runner

-Catcher can be standing or squatting but a caught foul ball will only be an out if she is squatting/kneeling when pitch is thrown


Batting/Base running:

-9 players bat in the lineup

-3 strikes or 6 pitches are allowed per batter (foul ball on the 6th pitch the at bat continues until batter swings and misses or does not swing, no walks)

pinch runner for the catcher is allowed (hurry up rule) must be done at fIrst available time, not after advancing to a different base from her at bat

-Inning ends when 3 outs are recorded or the offense bats through the lineup (9 batters)

-Last batter rules: an out made by the last batter of the inning will act as 3rd out and no runs score on fly out or force out, runs only score if last batter reaches base safely or is tagged out trying to advance, the only runs that would score here are those that past the hash before the out was made

-Runners can advance to next base at own risk when infielder fields ground ball and makes a throw, must be past the hash when possession of the throw is made to advance

-Runners on 3rd scores on a groundball to the infield even if play stops by possession/control rule and they are not past the hash but play can be made on them (they must be trying to score it is not automatic if they just stay on 3rd) No stealing, no leading off, can only leave base when the ball is hit (run on contact)

-Runners leaving early, team will be warned and the second offense will result in runner being called out and no pitch counted towards the batter even if hit Running on an overthrow is at your own risk, play can be made on the runner, + 1 base per overthrow

-No in field fly rule.

-Tag ups are allowed when fair or foul fly ball is caught.

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