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PONY Baseball and Softball's logos (including the corporate, Shetland-4, Shetland, Pinto-7, Pinto, Mustang-9, Mustang, Bronco-11, Bronco, Pony-13, Pony, Colt-15, Colt, Palomino and Champions logos) are trademarked property owned by PONY Baseball and Softball.
PONY Baseball and Softball does license their logo artwork for usage by PONY Registered organizations, Organizations hosting PONY Tournaments and Commercial Entities producing items with the PONY Logos printed on their merchandise.
PONY Member Organizations can license the logo package for self-promotion usage. Items bearing the marks must only be for self-promotion of the Member Organization and cannot be for resale.
PONY Tournaments can license the logo package for usage at their tournament and for selling advertising specialty merchandise bearing the PONY Logo at their tournament.
Commercial entities can license the logo package for producing items bearing the trademarks. Not all commercial licenses are granted and a sample of the product to be sold may be required to be submitted to PONY International Headquarters for testing, review or further license negotiation if the items bearing the marks fall into categories that require additional licensing.

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