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CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE - Each Team MUST provide the tournament director with a copy of the team’s/league’s Certificate of Insurance as stated in the PONY rule book.  This must be taken with you to each tournament game


MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS - Each player MUST have a medical release form signed by a parent or guardian.  If a copy is not provided for you, a reproduction of the form can be made from the PONY Baseball Rules and Regulations book.  These must be presented at each level of tournament play.


TOURNAMENT EMBLEMS Tournament team players shall be required to wear an official tournament team emblem, sewn or ironed on the right sleeve or right part of vest (chest area) of the uniform, when participating in tournament play at all levels. Same team members must wear patches in the same location. These emblems are available through PONY Baseball.

If you need emblems, they can be ordered through PONY headquarters.  The address is PONY Baseball/Softball, P.O. Box 225, Washington, Pennsylvania 15301-0225. The telephone number is 724/225-9852.  The emblems are $1.50 each, plus a small shipping fee.  I would suggest that you call and order the emblems by phone to expedite the order, making sure you have a credit card number available, as they will not extend credit to you.


BIRTH CERTIFICATES - Each player MUST provide their manager with a legal certification of birth (photocopies are recommended).  These need to be taken to each tournament game.  Players must be of the proper age.  Players may not play down an age bracket, nor may they play up an age bracket. 


NUMBER OF PLAYERS - You MUST list a minimum of twelve eligible players on the Tournament Eligibility Affidavit and you MUST have a minimum of nine eligible players who are capable of playing at the start of each game.  NO BATBOYS OR MASCOTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE DUGOUTS.


ELIGIBILITY AFFIDAVIT - The affidavit can be completed on line utilizing the website.  Please print out two copies of the completed Eligibility Affidavit.  You MUST present an eligibility affidavit to the tournament director at least one hour before your first game.  This copy will also have a second page containing the TEAM Pitching Record.  These two forms will be returned to the team after each level of tournament play and must be presented at any future tournament games.  THE SECOND ELIGIBILITY AFFIDAVIT COPY WILL BE MAILED TO THE DIVISION DIRECTOR PRIOR TO THE FIRST GAME OF TOURNAMENT PLAY.

The North Zone Division Directors request their copies no later than June 30.


TOURNAMENT WINNER - Be SURE to pick up original copy of your eligibility affidavit that includes the pitching record.  This affidavit MUST be presented at the next level of tournament play.


MANAGER, COACH, AND BUSINESS MANAGER - Each MUST be in full baseball uniform.  ABSOLUTELY NO SHORTS!  See PONY rule book for complete regulations.  Tournament emblems MUST be worn on these uniforms.  Only the manager, coach, business manager, and the players on the tournament eligibility affidavit are allowed in the dugout.

PONY Players with a disability may request reasonable modification of PONY rules.  Attach additional pages as necessary to the Tournament Team Eligibility Affidavit.


TOURNAMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS - Special tournament rules are provided in the back of each PONY Baseball Rules and Regulations book (blue tinted pages).  Please take a few minutes to read the tournament rules and regulations.  BE SURE to ask the tournament director where the Decisions Committee will be during the game.  All Protests must be handled at the time of question, not after the game is over.

CONTACT TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR - PLEASE contact the tournament director listed on the tournament bracket sheet and confirm the date and time of your game, and the location of the diamond.  You should also exchange telephone numbers (home and work).  This information will come in handy should it rain and become necessary to reschedule the game(s), and it may save you and your team a trip.


NOTE: If you have any problems at any level of tournament play, please contact your local Pony Field Director first, or feel free to contact (e-mail is preferred) one of the following:
Gary Stefaniak
East Division Director             
Jim Hanley
Central Division Director

Pat Creek
West Division Director
Steve Miller
Vice President - North Zone


Good luck in all your tournaments and remember what PONY stands for:  PROTECT OUR NATION'S YOUTH.

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