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North Zone Softball includes the following states:
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan,
Indiana, Kentucky and West Tennessee.

These states are divided into

three (3) divisions with the following

Vice President and Division Directors:

North Zone Vice President
Steve Miller
s.miller@pony.org -

North Division Softball Director
Keith Cooper
k.cooper@pony.org - 815-272-7031

North Division Assistant Softball Dir.
Lynn Ruffell
l.ruffell@pony.org - 208-569-4061

East Division Softball Director
Gary Stefaniak
g.stefaniak@pony.org - 989-892-1692

East Division Assistant Softball Director
Jeff Eller
j.eller@pony.org - 812-230-7340

South Division Softball Director
Randy Crompton 
r.crompton@pony.org - 618-967-0321

South Division Assistant Softball Dir.
Steve Miller
s.miller@pony.org - 618-967-4073

North Zone Champions League Director
Stephanie Allen
s.allen@pony.org - 618-967-1783

North Zone Assistant Champions League Director
Cindy Miller
c.miller@pony.org - 618-713-1561

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