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   East Region - San Gabriel Valley to LA County Line Print Page



Southern California - East Region


February / March Updates
Registration Deadline for the 2014 Season:

  Shetland Pony:

       May 1st or BEFORE FIRST GAME. Whichever is First.

  Colt / Palomino:

       June 1st or BEFORE FIRST GAME. Whichever is First.

All Membership Applications are required to be posted no later than midnight on the dates indicated above to avoid late fees imposed by PONY Baseball. If you add additional teams after you have registered, you can contact PONY add these teams. Remember, you must also contact your Insurance Carrier and add these teams to your policy as well.

Protect yourself and your League by ensuring your total team count and total teams insured always match.


For Additional Information Please Contact:
  Steve Workman
East Region Director
or call: (626) 917-0315
Bill Skelton
Assistant Region Director
or call: (626) 393-5890 


Updated List: as of January 26, 2013  

The BBCOR decertification process has been implemented on the following bats:

Reebok Vector TLS 32-inch model

Reebok Vector TLS 33-inch model

Marucci CAT5 33-inch model

Marucci CAT5 34-inch model

Marucci Black 33-inch model

Marucci Black 34-inch model

Nike CX2-BT0636 (light grey)

Nike CX2-BTO573 (dark grey)
Nike CX2-BTO598 (blue)

The BPF decertification process has been implemented on the following bats:

Mattingly Balistk (Model: BTKYB) Blue

Louisville Slugger (Hillerich & Bradsby) TPX Dynasty - 12 bat
(Model - YB12D - black/red/grey)

These bats should be considered a non-compliant bat in accordance with
PONY Rule: 8-C (3) and subject to penalties under PONY Rule 18-E (6).

They are ILLEGAL!

Important Reminder:
Please ensure all board members, coaches and players are familiar with your current league boundaries. League boundaries for ALL STAR eligibility are based on where you live and not where you choose to play. Proof of Residency* is require for all players that will participate in Pony Sanctioned Tournaments.
 *Rule: 4 (F) ... "Only players whose residence, as determined by the residence of their parents or legal guardians is within the approved league boundaries shall be considered "legal" players for tournament play."
 If at any time you need clarification regarding your league boundaries, please contact your League President. Each League President was issued a current boundary map on November 10, 2013 that clearly shows it's league boundaries for 2014 All Star eligibility.

Locations marked with a Red Flag will be hosting 2013 PONY Tournaments.
 To see more details on the locations including the park address, league contact information or the tournaments being hosted at this location, just click on the flag. A balloon will open with full details. This map is interactive. Use the map tools located at the top left of the map to scroll, relate, or zoom in or out. You can switch to other views, such as satellite view, to gain more details on the parks and the location of the ballfields.

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