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The North Zone Baseball includes the following states:
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois,
Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and West Tennessee.

These states are divided into

six (6) divisions with the following

Vice President and Division Directors:

North Zone Vice President - Steve Miller - 618-967-4073

All states within the North Zone.

East Division Director Gary Stefaniak 989-892-1692

Michigan, Indiana and East Kentucky.

Northeast Division Director Steve Miller - 618-967-4073

Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

North Division Director - Lynn Ruffell - 208-569-4061

Minnesota and Iowa.

Northwest Division Director - Steve Miller - 618-967-4073

North Dakota and South Dakota.

South Division Director - Randy Crompton - 618-967-0321

Southern Illinois, Missouri, West Kentucky and West Tennessee.

Southwest Division Director - Steve Miller - 618-967-4073

Nebraska and Kansas.

North Zone Softball Director - Bill Worthen - 586-344-9887

All states within the North Zone

North Zone Champions League Director

Stephanie Allen 618-967-1783

All States within the North Zone

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